The Board of Directors
Bachelor in Business Administration
Degree: Master. Certificate: Insurance and Risk Management. Academic Institution: City University -London. Graduation year:2010 Work experience: 13 years in financial management and insurance  
Bachelor’s in Accounting
  Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Al-Wataniya Insurance Company since early 2012 till now. Chairman of the Al-Wataniya Tower Company since 2014. Board member of the International Chamber of Commerce ICC. Executive Officer of Al-Wataniya Insurance Company since early 2009 until end of 2011 Ge...
Master’s Degree in Law, Psychology, and Economics Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science MA International Relations
General Manager of Al-Wataniya Towers Advisor to Director General of Public Relations in Al-Wataniya Insurance Company Vice Chairman of Golden Wheat Mills Company. Research Assistant - WHO Assistant - Ramallah. Teaching Assistant - Department of Political Science - Brigham Young University. Researcher - Th...
Bachelor of Science - American University - Beirut
​ Training specialist / Arabian Oil Company - Kuwait. Managing Director and Board Member - Palestinian Aluminium Company - Ramallah. General Manager - Al Saqer Securities- Ramallah Consultant - Galazy for Investment Co. - Ramallah Consultant - Sahem Trading & Investment Co. - Ramallah General Manager...