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Welcome to the online insurance service. Once you finish filling out the application, a National Insurance Company employee will contact you within 24 working hours to complete providing the service to you


We offer you the utmost flexibility in choosing the appropriate insurance coverage that is compatible with your personal needs, which works to help you cover all the damages caused to your car through various insurance coverage such as compulsory, third party, and comprehensive insurance. Therefore, we always strive to provide you with the best and fastest services, which reduces disruption to your daily life. 

Features of the "car insurance" program:

  • Physical compensation includes any driver who has a driving license that authorizes him to drive a vehicle according to the law. As for material compensation, it includes any driver who is more than 24 years old and whose license has been issued for more than a year. Otherwise, the driver must be added to the insurance.
  • Insurance includes accidents resulting from traffic violations under special conditions.
  • The third party's liability limits for Palestinian vehicles are 150,000 shekels and can be raised up to 500,000 shekels by paying an additional fee. As for vehicles carrying the yellow tiger, the liability limits are 500,000 shekels, and the insured can raise the liability limits in exchange for an additional premium according to the policy approved by the company.
  • Insurance coverage includes all areas of the West Bank, Gaza, and the occupied Palestinian interior.
  • The company provides the largest network of repair centers in all governorates of Palestine, and the insured is given the freedom to choose a repair garage within the policy approved by the company.

The telephone service center is available to report incidents 24/7 through the call center at #25



 Subject to the terms of the policy

You can request insurance now through our employees in all branches, or you can contact us through our pages on social media sites, through the website, or by calling the service center on the number #25

Or via WhatsApp on the number: +970562000002

Cars Insurance