The CEO speech

Welcome to the audience of the National Insurance Company, esteemed gentlemen.

The National Insurance Company has distinguished itself in building its name within the Palestinian insurance sector and the Arab region. We have expanded our reach to neighboring countries, participating in the establishment of Mada Insurance Company in Egypt. We are always looking forward to advancing the insurance sector in the Arab region, aiming to be a partner in the economic sector. We are optimistic that the National Insurance Company will achieve distinctive accomplishments and new success stories, contributing to our company's portfolio, always coupled with the pursuit of development and change in the company's performance and services, aligning with the public's requirements.

Undoubtedly, the insurance sector is challenging, marked by a significant rise in traffic accidents and substantial financial setbacks for crucial and leading economic sectors. This is particularly due to the continuous events in Palestine over the years. Nevertheless, in the executive management, we continually work on new plans and strategies to have a widespread impact on the company's results and profits.

Furthermore, our plan at the National Insurance Company also focuses on technological advancement, working towards increasing the company's growth through the Digitalization project. We aim to develop the marketing department, establish new departments, and introduce products that cater to the diverse needs of the insurance sector and policyholders.

We always take pride in our company's performance, which strives to meet market needs, provide the best coverage, and professionally and efficiently manage risks. This is in line with the aspirations and directions of the board of directors, ultimately benefiting shareholders and the company as a whole