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To magnify the value of stakeholder rights through providing the best insurance services and working transparently and fairly with all stakeholders, and to provide all means of support and care for the local community and economy.



Achieving the top spot in the insurance sector by providing special insurance services to all economic sectors in Palestine and by working on providing the best coverage in the easiest ways for workers.



Integrity and honesty: To always deal with our customers, partners and dealers fairly, and to build a positive reputation for the company and its brands. Decisive leadership: We seek to develop the leadership spirit for our employees and to strengthen the necessary expertise to achieve the best results. The quest for the best: Teamwork and continuous improvement is a goal we seek, for our c...


The Board of Directors


Granting advanced and comprehensive insurance coverage  Spreading insurance awareness among the public Fair competition based on improving service and performance levels Honesty in dealing with the public Balancing the interests of all parties: shareholders, customers and employees Contributing to building the national economy Providing employment opportunities to the largest p...


Ten largest shareholders of the company

Name of Shareholder   Number of Shares %   31/12/2015 Tawfiq Ismael Suleiman Hussein 789,331 6.58% NIC Postal savings and life insurance for employees   719,034   5.99%...


Memorandum of Association

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Executive Management

The executive management is the main axis in executing projects and moving them from theoretical action plans and formulated visions into a living reality we see, deal with, and benefit from. Thus, it is the link between the Planning Department and the Executive Employees. 



رام الله – شاركت التأمين الوطنية “NIC” في رعاية معرض الأم والطفل وأجرت السحب على جوائز قيمة لتأمين سيارات وتأمين منزلي شامل، والذي انعقد في فندق الموفنبيك رام الله وسط نجاح ملحوظ خلال ثلاثة ايام المعرض. أكد مدير عام شركة التأمين الوطنية “NIC” أحمد مشعشع أن مشار...

رام الله – أعلنت شركة التأمين الوطنية NIC عن تقديم جوا...







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National Insurance in brief

The company was established by a group of experienced Palestinian businessmen at a time when political and economical development features were unclear. After Israeli insurance companies retreated from work in the country, The National Insurance Company set their sights on being an economical edifice based on national capital whose spine is the wings of the nation’s children whom have gained deep extensive experience through working tens of years in diaspora. Helped and befriended by a generous nation, longing wore on it to depend on itself in building its present and future. After a journey of 23 years, the National Insurance Company retains its aim of providing the best insurance service for the Palestinian people.